With principal photography on Tremors 6 now completed, details have started to emerge about what we can expect to see in the new film that’s currently due to premiere early in 2018.

From locations to monsters, old favourites to new faces, there’s a lot out there if you know where to look.

Just be aware that some of the following information could be considered spoilers, so look away now if you don’t want to know more…

1. Burt and Travis are heading for Canada…with Ass Blasters

While full plot details are quite rightly thin on the ground, Universal have released some information on the next outing for Burt Gummer and his offspring, Travis Welker.

According to the studio’s VP Glenn Ross, this is going to be “the craziest, most over-the-top movie in the Tremors saga to date.” Here’s the synopsis:

“Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) and his son Travis Welker (Jamie Kennedy) find themselves up to their ears in Graboids and Ass-Blasters when they head to Canada to investigate a series of deadly giant-worm attacks. Arriving at a remote research facility in the artic tundra, Burt begins to suspect that Graboids are secretly being weaponised, but before he can prove his theory, he is sidelined by Graboid venom. With just 48 hours to live, the only hope is to create an antidote from fresh venom — but to do that, someone will have to figure out how to milk a Graboid!”

“Milk a Graboid”? I have no words…

2. Walter Chang’s Market is back

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Yes, 14 years since we last saw Chang’s Market in Tremors: The Series, Tremors 6 director Don Michael Paul recently posted the above photo on Instagram, proof that at least some of the film takes place in the town of Perfection. It remains to be seen whether Jodi is still running the store.

3. The old school Graboids (and effects) are returning

Michael Gross recently posted some video from the South Africa shoot on his Facebook page (which is a must-follow for Tremors fans), revealing some of the work that goes into laying the groundwork for a Graboid to be pulled through the dirt. This suggests that some old-school practical creatures could be seen this time around rather than CG.

Gross also noted in the comments that the Graboids will be closer to the “classic” looking creatures seen in earlier films than those in Tremors 5: Bloodlines.

4. Val McKee’s daughter will be appearing

OK, so this one isn’t 100% confirmed, but the IMDb cast list shows that actress Jamie-Lee Money will be playing “Valerie McKee” in Tremors 6 – when copied into a tweet mentioning this, Money retweeted it, suggesting there’s some grain of truth in the rumour.

5. Jamie Kennedy will get eaten by a Graboid

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Remember when Burt Gummer got himself trapped in the belly of a Graboid in Tremors 3: Back to Perfection? Like father, like son, as Jamie Kennedy’s Travis Welker has been spotted inside one of the creatures in photos from the set. That could be punishment for all those terrible nicknames he used for Burt in T5 – “Gummy Bear”?

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6. Tanya van Graan is the film’s female lead

South African actress Tanya van Graan will star as Dr Rita Sims alongside Michael Gross and Jamie Kennedy – van Graan currently has five films in post-production according to IMDb, and a quick YouTube search shows that she’s starred in numerous adverts over the years and been named one of South Africa’s most beautiful women. But does she know how to fight Graboids?

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