A selection of reviews for Seeking Perfection: The Unofficial Guide to Tremors:

“Though it has spawned a flurry of low-budget sequels…rollickingly fun ’80s [sic] monster movie Tremors has never been treated with much respect. Super-fan Jonathan Melville sets that right with this high-access tell-all (he even got Kevin Bacon), which began life as an article in SFX … an unexpected treat.” – 4/5, Empire magazine 

“I can’t put this book down! I don’t often read about what I do (nor write book reviews, for that matter), but I am loving the new book by author Jonathan Melville, titled “Seeking Perfection: The Unofficial Guide to Tremors,” which is amazing. I was in every one of these movies, but there is plenty even I don’t know. He has interviewed everyone, Kevin Bacon and Reba McEntire among them. A must-read for any Tremors fan!” – Michael Gross, actor, Tremors

“…it’s a nicely put together package, with a fun pulpy look and feel. What comes across most from the book is the fondness that everyone involved has for the franchise, especially Michael Gross (who also provides a wonderful foreword to the book). It’s also clear from reading the book that Melville is a fan with a passionate enthusiasm for the films, which goes a long way over in making the book informative, entertaining and, above all, a joy to read. – 9/10, Starburst

“While there is a wealth of the expected information on production, marketing, and Hollywood politics, possibly the book’s greatest strength is the extraordinary depth of interviews. Melville spoke with not only producers, directors, writers and cast members, but dozens of crew members from all areas of production. Sprinkled throughout the book are their delightful recollections of small personal moments, a wealth of charming, quirky details never before published, and quite unlike the usual behind-the-scenes trivia. Tremors fans can’t go wrong with this massive undertaking. Their only complaint will probably be that they wish the book was even longer.” – Steve Wilson [Tremors co-creator],

“Timed to the 25th anniversary of the beloved Kevin Bacon monster movie, author Jonathan Melville digs deep to uncover the the real story behind the film that flopped initially, then became a fan favourite that spawned four sequels and a short-lived series” – Famous Monsters of Filmland

“The book is a fun read, while still being jam packed with information about the various films. It really does go into a lot of detail about all the films and you find out something new on almost every page. Melville’s love for Tremors shines throughout and he is not afraid to talk about the problems they had making the films. I particularly enjoyed learning about the creation of the Graboids and the journey of bringing the first Tremors to the big screen. A great read for anyone who loves reading about how films get made. A must read for fans of Tremors.” – 5/5,

“Although it’s labelled as a guide, I would describe the book as a great story which I couldn’t put down and devoured in just a couple of days. I don’t want to reveal any more information about the book as to not spoil it. If you’re a Tremors fan, then don’t miss out on this great book.” –

Seeking Perfection is a great book through and through. If you’re a fan of the franchise, a fan of movie books in general, or if you’re just looking for something interesting to read, Melville’s book is for you. Once you start it, heck, you may not be able to put it down until you’re finished with it. That’s what happened to me. Now, if we could get more movie books like this one, the world would be a much better place.” – Bryan Krisopowitz,

“Highly recommend to anyone interested in Tremors, but also anyone interested in Hollywood, the low budget sequel industry, and television production.” – Ryan P Acheson,

“Melville is a clearly a fan of the series, as this isn’t just a cash in written by a hack, but a thoughtful celebration from fan that saw a void that needed to be filled. You can tell by the warmth given out by the actors and crew in their answers that he’s done his leg work in chasing them, buttering them up enough to give genuine answers as they reminisce about good times had.” – N. Robinson,

“Whether you’re a casual fan of the movies and tv show or are obsessed with them, this book is made for you.” – Josh Wiles,

“Though a familiarity with the franchise certainly adds a lot to the reading experience, this book would be a wonderful read for anyone, including non-fans, interested in the evolution of a small but unique franchise in the large machine that is the Hollywood studio system and how such a journey affects both the content and its creators. If you love these films, or filmmaking in general, you owe it to yourself to read this book!” – Chris,

“A light read but densely packed with information, my advice to you would be to re-watch the films and TV show, then bury your face in this book so you’re up to date with the imminent arrival of TREMORS 5, and hope it lives up to the legacy that this guide celebrates so enthusiastically.” – Timothy J. Phlaps,

“Oh my word! What a book! It starts off with a foreword by Michael Gross, a.k.a. Burt Gummer in the films, and just gets better and better! After an introduction by the author who you can tell is a true fan of Tremors films and TV series, the book goes deeper than a Graboid dare, drilling down into the details, unearthing lots of previously unknown information about the shows from the people who made them. An excellent read that no true fan should be without. Press the buy it now button on this!” – S. Wood,

“It should be noted that this book has obviously been written with passion, a true love for the Tremors movies/series is palpable. I totally agree with another reviewer who mentioned Crystal Lake Memories for the Friday the 13th movies, it is indeed in the same league. I HIGHLY recommend Seeking Perfection to all Tremors fans out there, and even non-fans will appreciate the movie-making aspect of it.” – Psycho,

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