In an interesting turn of events, the new Tremors TV series headlined by Kevin Bacon will now move from Amazon Studios to Syfy for a pilot, reports Screen Daily.

Bacon had originally revealed that Amazon would air a 10-episode sequel, which looks set to ignore continuity from the film series and take place 25 years on from the 1990 original.

The series order is now reported to be eight episodes, produced by Blumhouse Productions.

An earlier incarnation of Syfy, then the Sci-Fi Channel, produced the original 13-episode Tremors TV series in 2003, cancelling it after just 13 episodes before it had a chance to find its feet.

The complex process of making the series is detailed at length in Seeking Perfection: The Unofficial Guide to Tremors.

As Bacon explained in Seeking Perfection back in 2015, he’s keen to revisit the town of Perfection and the character of Val McKee:

“This guy is one of the few characters I’ve played that I’d be interested in seeing where he is 25 years later. Who does that guy grow into? There’s a lot of possibilities about what could have happened in his life in 25 years – for me it always comes back to the character and that would be fun to explore.”

Meanwhile, Tremors 6 is gearing up for release in January 2018.

Hear Bacon discuss the series:

Read the full report at Screen Daily.

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