Long before I wrote Seeking Perfection: The Unofficial Guide to Tremors, I was a fan of behind the scenes books on my favourite films and TV shows.

While planning my book I wanted to see what else was currently on the market, and one of the titles I read was Dustin McNeill’s excellent Phantasm Exhumed. A history of the film franchise, the book goes deep into the making of the movies and is a must-read for any fan.

As I was interested in finding out more about the book, I sent a few questions to Dustin and he kindly took the time to respond.

For anyone who enjoyed Seeking Perfection, I recommend taking a look at Dustin’s book and having a look around the online Phantasm community.

Tremors Guide: Can you tell me a little about your background – how long have you been writing professionally?

Dustin MacNeill: For two years in high school, I maintained a column in a local newspaper. In college, I wrote for a respectable DVD review website. Almost two years ago, I published my first book. I wouldn’t say I’m a professional writer, but I do enjoy it very much as a hobby.

My degree in film studies hasn’t practically served me anywhere else, but has certainly come in handy when I take on these kinds of writing projects. More