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TremorsCast 4: Tony Genaro interview

Episode four of the TremorsCast is now online and in iTunes, featuring some of my interview with Tremors and Tremors 3 actor, Tony Genaro, who sadly passed away at the start of May.

The Hollywood reporter announced the news on 13 May, with the headline Tremors actor Tony Genaro dies at 72, which shows what an impact the film had on his career. I read the news via a tweet from actor Kevin Bacon, which read “Sorry to hear about this. Great guy. Great actor. RIP”

Tony also starred in films such as The Milagro Beanfield War, La Bamba, Heart and Souls, The Craft and World Trade Center.

I spoke to Tony in October 2013, catching him somewhat by surprise in his Hollywood home. I’d called on the off chance he might be there and he was happy to give me an hour of his time to discuss Tremors and Tremors 3. The audio gives flavour of the interview and his personality, though I should apologise for the sound levels. I wasn’t planning to make podcasts at the time, so it’s not the best, but I have boosted the levels where possible.

You can find the book’s cover and trailer on the Fangoria website.


Tony Genaro interview

Tony Genaro interview

There’s another name to add to the roster of interviewees for Seeking Perfection, Mr Tony Genaro, aka Miguel from Tremors and Tremors 3: Back to Perfection.

One of the few members of the original Tremors cast to return in a sequel, Tony played cattle rancher Miguel, who came under attack from Graboids in the small town of Perfection in 1990. After the events of the first film, Miguel remained in Perfection Valley until 2001, when the town was besieged by Ass Blasters, the creature which killed him.

Tony took time to discuss his memories of joining the cast of Tremors – “I had just finished this film that Robert Redford had directed, and it was a very artsy, very fine, you know…when I saw those creatures for the first time, I thought, “Oh my God, what have I got myself into?” – as well his thoughts on the change of the film’s original title, Beneath Perfection, and his return in Tremors 3.

He also talks about the fact that Miguel didn’t make it into the TV series due to his untimely death: “Had I known [there was going to be a TV series], I would have professed that I was just badly wounded.”