In the past week I’ve looked back 25 years to the first Tremors film, finding out why the fans still love it, hearing what director Ron Underwood thinks about the film and also getting some insight from other members of the crew on key sequences.

For this post I wanted to take a closer look at the upcoming fifth instalment in the Tremors franchise and hear what fans want from the movie.

We already know a few things about Tremors 5. Firstly, the original creative team behind each of the previous films and the TV series – writers/creators SS Wilson and Brent Maddock and producer  Nancy Roberts at Stampede Entertainment – have admitted in a statement that the new script is based on their 2004 script for the film.

Although Stampede offered Universal Home Entertainment the opportunity to revive and refresh the franchise, they were forced to withdraw from Tremors 5 when it became clear they’d have no creative control. This also suggests that none of the extended “family” of behind the scenes crew will be returning to do their magic with a tiny budget, as they did on Tremors 2 to 4.

Instead, the script has been written by Tremors 3’s John Whelpley (who wrote 3’s script from Wilson, Maddock and Roberts’ story outline), while the director is Don Michael Paul, known for his work on low budget action films including Sniper: Legacy.

We also know that Michael Gross will be back as Burt Gummer, this time heading to South Africa to take on (according to the press release) “bigger and badder” Graboids and Ass Blasters. Jamie Kennedy will join the team as tech wizard, Travis, while a cast of South African actors will complete the cast.

So what would fans like to see in October’s sequel? I asked that question over on Facebook, and it seems that the absence of Wilson and Maddock is a cause for concern for many:

Glenn Maddock: “A script as funny as Brent & Steve’s and a budget to deliver a great movie.”

Tom Palleschi: “I just hope to see Universal and Don Michael Paul capture the same spirit and sense of fun that was so evident in all of the other films. Wilson, Maddock, Underwood, and all the other great folks at Stampede Entertainment put together something really special with the previous instalments, and I hope to see that tradition upheld.

As far as specifics go, I am incredibly excited to see Burt back in action and cannot wait to revisit that character for the first time in 12 years. I hope to see a new supporting cast as charming and fun to watch as those in the previous instalments, and I hope to see creatures (both new and old) designed and bright to life with the same level of creativity and detail that they have become so iconic for.

Mostly, I just want to experience the thrills I got every time I watched (and rewatched for the millionth time!) one of these films or the series as a kid.”

Tyler Ham: “I also hope it returns to a more “serious” tone like the first film. The first film, though silly at times, was very self aware – as the series continued, they began to sort of feed like parodies of themselves… Burt went from “Survivalist” to paranoid Doomsday prep-er type, for example.”


The use of practical effects rather than too much CGI, plus some cameos from other characters and creatures, is also a hope for many:

Ian Fahringer: “El-Blanco cameo, and also practical effects for the creatures.”

David Spada: “Practical effects. Not against CGI by any means, but I would like this to be visually consistent with the original films. So yeah, practical Graboids!”

Naomi G. S. Banta: “I’d love to see Heather back… Burt in the TV series was obviously still in love with her so I’d like to see her back…”

Tom Palleschi: “When asked about El Blanco Michael Gross played coy, so it’d be really cool if the great white worm got at least a mention. It’s probably not going to happen, but I’d love to see the return of Tyler Reed. I thought he was a great sidekick for Burt in the series. Can’t wait to see what Kennedy brings to the table, though!”

TekeoMiona TheAuthoress: “Me and my friend were hoping for Tyler too. Hopefully he gets some explanation as to why he didn’t go with Burt. I’m gonna be mad if they play the “he moved away” card, ’cause one, it’s kinda lazy, and two, I don’t really see him moving away. There for a “pit stop”, but he seemed really at home in that town.”

Joseph Collins: “Val and Earl being main characters.”

Robert Resendez II: “Bring back Grady.”

Vital to any Tremors film are the creatures, with numerous comments relating to the Graboids:

Johnathon Noakes: “Graboids that can dig through concrete not just the soil simple.”

Timothy Elliott: “I’d like to see new monsters like those in the TV series.”

Christian Joseph Connors: “Please make grabboids tetrapods. In the second film they turned them into some sort of Cambrian invertebrate, but they work much better as, I think, tetrapods. Also, if I could have my way, I’d throw out all the useless life stages the threw into the second film and beyond.”

Tom Palleschi: “I also really hope to see the AB egg-laying process, which was part of the Stampede script, make it into this version of the film. That way we have that final connective bit on how the whole Graboid life cycle works.”

It’s heartening to see that a decade after the release of Tremors 4: The Legend Begins there’s still a hunger for more Tremors and a desire for it to be a high quality release rather than simply an attempt to capitalise on the Tremors name.

Though the only real connection to the first four films is Michael Gross, John Whelpley and some of the team at Universal Home Entertainment, we’ll know in around nine months time just how easy it is for a new team to capture the unique Tremors tone.

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