For the second post celebrating Tremors’ silver anniversary week I’ve published a new episode of the TremorsCast featuring some audio from my interview with the film’s director, Ron Underwood: the episode is now in audioboom and will be in iTunes soon.

ron-sYesterday I published a post featuring memories from fans on the subject of their earliest Tremors memories, while today’s podcast includes memories from someone who was involved in Tremors from the start.

Ron Underwood had been a friend and colleague of writers SS Wilson and Brent Maddock for a number of years before they collaborated on the development of the script that would become Tremors. Our original interview took in all aspects of pre-production, casting, filming, editing and reception of Tremors and it’s all in the book, but here I’ve included some of our discussion about the film’s casting process.

I also spoke to Ron about the film’s release in 1990 and Universal’s decision to sell it more as a traditional horror film rather than the comedy horror that it was. 

Here’s the episode, let me know what you think in the comments section.

listen to ‘TremorsCast 6: Ron Underwood interview’ on audioBoom

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