It’s been six months since my last trip to LA, when I attended the fantastic 25th anniversary screening of Tremors in the company of many cast and crew…and now I’m about to head back.

I’ve been invited by the guys at Creature Features in LA (who organised the March screening) to attend a special signing of Seeking Perfection: The Unofficial Guide to Tremors on Sunday October 25th between 1pm and 3pm at the Burbank store, in the company of many cast and crew from the Tremors franchise, kicking off with writers SS Wilson and Brent Maddock, director Ron Underwood and Melvin himself, Robert Jayne!

There’ll also be a few more guests announced in the coming weeks (see below for updates), hopefully including someone from every version of the films and TV series, so keep an eye on this blog, Facebook, Twitter and Creature Features’ Facebook page for updates.

There’s also more information on the Creature Features website, where you can pre-order signed copies of the book – please note that only books pre-ordered and picked up on the day OR bought in the store on the day can be signed.

This is likely to be the largest gathering of cast and crew from the Tremors universe ever assembled, making it very much a once in a lifetime event for fans.

September 23 update! I’m now delighted to announce that actors Shawn Christian (Desert Jack Sawyer, Tremors 3: Back to Perfection), Victor Browne (Tyler Reed, Tremors: The Series) and Gladise Jimenez (Rosalita, Tremors: The Series) will be attending the event, along with Tremors 3‘s casting director, Craig Campobasso, and illustrator Donn Greer, who was behind the original Tremors poster designs that can be found in the book. More guests soon to be announced!

See you in October!